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Enjoy a Healthier Diet with the Catch of the Day 

The team at Carolina Fresh Fish and Seafood Market in Spartanburg, South Carolina, provides the highest quality fresh, local seafood caught in the waters surrounding our area. Our market also receives an assortment of family favorites including fresh shrimp and salmon filets that everyone will enjoy. With more than 35 years of experience, our seafood specialists can guide you on the best ways to prepare anything you purchase at our clean and comfortable location. 


Experience the Difference Our Selection Can Make

We carry a broad selection of both fresh water and salt water seafood that has high levels of protein and low levels of fat. Seafood is easier on your digestive system and you no longer have to feel restricted in your choices due to calorie content.

With a wider variety, the world's oceans and lakes are right at your doorstep. Some varieties of fish that we offer include:

Salmon | Tuna | Mahi | Shark | Flounder | Talapia | Catfish | Cod

A Savory Selection of Seafood Favorites

Our selection of seafood gives you an unparalleled variety of healthy meats for you and your family to enjoy. We shell, peel, and de-vein all of our different sizes of shrimp. Our selection is on display in iced cases. Some of our other options include:

Shrimp | Muscles | Scallops | Clams | Oysters